AM Villa

This residential project in Bahrain is designed for a young couple who loves minimalist concepts with a touch of color. The couple wanted a space that is modern, clean, and functional but also incorporate some color.

We used olive green shades as the active color throughout the space, which adds a subtle yet bold touch of color. The color is used in various ways, from the artwork, to the furniture, and even in the guest wash area.

The living room, which is the focal point of the space, was designed with a neutral palette and clean lines, featuring a minimalist-style sofa, a simple coffee table, and a large painting in shades of green as the main decor element.

In the guest wash area, we incorporated the use of green marble in the sink countertop. The natural texture and veins of the marble add a sense of luxury and elegance, while the green color complements the overall design of the space. The guest wash area also features neutral-toned ceramic tile and a framed mirror, providing a simple yet functional space.

The result is a functional and visually pleasing space that the couple can enjoy for years to come.

Location: Bahrain