Haven Real Estate Offices

Haven Real Estate Offices

Cubique Design Studio is excited to showcase our office project, developed for a prominent real estate company based in Bahrain. Our goal for this project was to create a space that reflects the company’s business nature, while also being visually stunning and functional for both employees and clients.

One of the key elements we used in this design is concrete. Concrete is a raw and industrial material that reflects the strength and durability of the real estate industry, which we felt was a perfect fit for the company’s business nature. We used concrete in a variety of ways throughout the space, including on floors, and as a focal point at the reception desk.

In the reception area, we created a unique and striking concrete desk that immediately grabs the attention of visitors as they enter the space. It is made of, raw concrete and is illuminated by the company’s logo, highlighting the texture and roughness of the material. The reception is combined with elegant furnishings, such as a sleek leather sofa, and a marble accent table to bring a sense of balance and sophistication to the space.

In the open employee area, we used concrete floors, which were polished to a high shine and sealed for durability, giving the space a modern and industrial feel. By pairing concrete floors with glass partitions, we were able to create a sense of privacy while still allowing natural light to flow throughout the space. The meeting rooms are furnished with simple, modern pieces such as metal-framed chairs to complement the concrete floors, maintaining the continuity of the industrial aesthetic.

Throughout the space, we employed a neutral color palette of gray, white, and black, which perfectly complements the concrete elements. We also strategically used pops of blue color to reflect the company’s identity and logo.

The design turned out not only functional and efficient but also comfortable and welcoming for both employees and clients. This project demonstrates Cubique Design Studio’s ability to bring a client’s vision to life in a functional and beautiful way, using the latest trends, and unique solutions

Location: Bahrain, Seef
Year: 2/2020